Upgrading Krugersdorp

Mogale City has developed an ambitious and innovative plan to regenerate Krugersdorp; upgrading business facilities, recreational spaces and living areas.

KRUGERSDORP is one of Mogale City's central towns, a highly desirable place in which to work, live and play.

It is home to a myriad of businesses and industries, while at the same time maintaining the feel of a friendly place in which to live.

Krugersdorp is a student town with a university and a lively student population that supports a nightlife and music culture that draw young people from all over Gauteng.

It is easily accessible from Johannesburg and Tshwane, with public transport buses and trains travelling between the three cities.

People walk everywhere in the CBD that is well connected to residential neighbourhoods in the west and north.

A regional park system has been completed in the south on the site of former mines, with fragments of the industrial legacy still visible in the landscape.

Now Mogale City is determined to make it even more enticing for prospective investors and residents.

Key aspects to this plan are to encourage development through:

  • creating liveable environments, facilitating development and accommodating the needs of current and future users of CBD;
  • developing a range of housing options to attract a diverse audience and build support for a commercial base;
  • improving existing public transport facilities and working to expand public transport opportunities;
  • creating open spaces, public spaces, streets and built fabric that are both beautiful and user-friendly;
  • boosting Krugersdorp rich history and cultural landscape;
  • creating a safe and accessible urban environment for residents and visitors;
  • creating a sustainable environment to reduce the carbon footprint of the CBD while encouraging smart development.


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