Meter Reading Schedule

ACCESS to property equals to accurate reading and correct billing

Water and electricity charges are dependent on readings taken from each consumer’s water and electricity meter every month. Mogale City has employees (meter readers) reading meters across the city to get accurate readings for correct billing.

The municipality urges consumers to grant Mogale City meter readers access to their properties for physical meter reading. When meter readers cannot gain access to a property, customers are charged on estimations.

Please remember that it is to your benefit to provide our meter readers with monthly access to your meter(s). You can use this schedule as a guide for the date(s) we need access to your meter(s) each month.


Area Normal working days of every month
Kenmare 3rd-5th Working Days of every month



Our meter readers will be visiting 10 Terenure Rd. Kenmare (Savers Supermarket) on Saturday the 9th May 2015.

electricity meter

Electricity meter

water meter

Water meter

Download the access to property document here [PDF 188kb]

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