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CERTAIN groups of property owners are given rebates on their rates. Those who get automatic rebates include sectional title holders, government schools and universities. Other property owners need to apply for rebates. These include:

  • Pensioners;
  • Property owners with physical disabilities;
  • Indigent;
  • Educational bodies;
  • Sports clubs;
  • Public benefit organisations;
  • Farming and agricultural property;
  • Vacant land; and
  • Religious bodies.

Should you fall under a category needing to apply, please remember applications for rebates must be made each year. Pensioners need to apply every two years.

Business or commercial properties and the majority of owners of vacant land do not qualify for rebates. The rates rebate is a “discount” of 40 percent of the domestic rates charges.

Some sort of dwelling must be erected on a residential stand to qualify for the full rebate. This is to encourage property owners to develop vacant stands. A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy must be handed or faxed to the relevant valuers to do a supplementary valuation of the new dwelling.

To apply for a rebate, go to your nearest municipal customer centre and fill in the appropriate form. When doing so, remember to take your proof of income and proof of home ownership.

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