Annual Report 2008/09

1. Purpose of the report


Public notice

Tabling of the 2008/9 Annual Report [PDF, 25kb]

To table at the Mayoral Committee ( Mayco) the 2008/09 Annual Report in terms of Section 127(2) of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 ( Act No. 56 of 2003 ) MFMA

2. Background

The 2008/09 Annual Report consists of the following Mayor's Foreword, Municipal Manager Overview, Services Delivery Performance Highlights, Human Resources and other Organisational Management, Audited Statements and other Financial Information as well as the Annual Performance Report.

In terms of Section 127(7) of the MFMA," … the Mayor of a municipality must within seven months after the end of a financial year, table in the municipal council the Annual Report of the municipality ."

Following the tabling at Council of the 2008/09 Annual Report, in terms of Section 129(1) of the MFMA, the council of a municipality must consider the Annual Report of the municipality and of any municipal entity under the municipality's sole or shared control, and by no later than two months from the date of which the Annual Report was tabled in council in terms of Section 127, adopt an oversight report containing the council's comments on the Annual Report, which must include a statement whether the council;

  • Approved the Annual Report with or without reservations.
  • Rejected the Annual Report or
  • Referred the Annual Report back for revision of those components that can be revised.

3. Recommendations

It is recommended that;

  1. Mayco noted the report.
  2. Mayco recommends that Council refers the 2008/09 Annual Report to the Municipal Public Accounts Committee for consideration on behalf of Council.

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