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 Municipal Manager: Pringle Raedani

AT the head of the administration is the Municipal Manager, who is the chief accounting officer.

The Chief Operations Office is a key unit within the Municipal Managers’ office: it is responsible for the Integrated Development Plan (IDP); the Programme Management Units; and the Municipal Infrastructure Grants.

The Internal Audit unit is also located in the Municipal Manager’s office and ensures compliance with municipal legislation. It also monitors that all departments adhere to the IDP, the municipal strategy and policies.

In addition the nine municipal departments that mirror the mayoral committee portfolios also report to the Municipal Manager. These departments ensure that services are delivered to the people of Mogale City. They are:

The municipal manager and his team of executive managers hold fortnightly meetings to discuss key strategic service deliverables, and to offer guidance on achieving IDP goals.

Monthly meetings are held between each executive manager and their managers to monitor the progress on key strategic deliverables within the various directorates.

An extended ExCo sits quarterly, to monitor expenditure patterns on some of the IDP projects, as well as checking on the allocated Capex and Opex budget, time frames and so on.

Vision and Mission

The Mogale City council's vision is "Quality service delivery for all".
Mogale City has outlined a set of values that guides its operations:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability 
  • Diligent 
  • Considerate 
  • Participative 
  • Responsive

Motto: City of Human Origin

Mission: To provide an integrated municipal governance system for improved quality of life for all communities of Mogale City.

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