Blue Drop requirements

Water quality compliance

WATER quality compliance of Mogale City Local Municipality's sampling points can be viewed on the Department of Water Affairs website.

my_waterThis link will enable you to access the microbial, chemical and physical  water quality status of Mogale City's water sampling points as well as for the rest of the country.  Microbial water quality is the state of the water with respect to the absence (good water quality) or presence (poor water quality) of microorganisms).  Microbial water quality is usually indicated by reporting the count (number) of indicator organisms present in a given volume of water.  The drinking water quality standards (SANS 241) require a compliance of 97% for water to be microbiologically acceptable.  These percentages are calculated as averages over the last 3 months from data received.  After the My Water link had been clicked a sampling point can be viewed.  Type an area and Krugersdorp or Mogale (eg Kagiso Mogale) into the search block and Go.  A green tick indicates that the samples taken at the sampling points are compliant to the SANS 241 standard.  A red exclamation mark indicates that the samples are non-compliant.

The Blue Drop Certification Programme is an innovative means to regulation which was designed and implemented with the core objective of safeguarding the tap water quality management. This objective stems from the fact that the livelihood of mankind depends on the availability of clean drinking water.

Since it was noted that there were some misunderstanding in the past regarding the Blue Drop Certification Programme, please note the following clarifications:

  • The Department of Water Affairs wishes to emphasise that Blue Drop Certification goes beyond the quality of drinking water alone but ventures into the sphere of Risk Management, Operations and Asset Management.
  • This implies that a town without Blue Drop Certification does not automatically mean that its water is unsafe for human consumption.
  • Certification is obtained as an acknowledgement of Excellent Drinking Water Quality Management, this surpasses the requirements of the national norms and standards by some reasonable margin. There are therefore many towns/systems where the water complies very well with expected standards but that there might be some shortcomings identified with the overall risk management.
  • This programme is not a voluntary programme but indeed an incentive-based regulatory initiative which requires water services institutions to provide information in line with the legislative requirements of Section 62 of the Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997).

Find the latest national Blue Drop Scores here, with Mogale City Local Municipality in third place.

Please visit the mobile site to obtain mobile information on tap water quality in South Africa.

Reservoirs and towers analytical results


Water quality compliance of reservoirs and towers [147kb]
Third quarter analytic results [446kb]
September report [65kb]
August report [65kb]
July report [65kb]

Second quarter analytic results [444kb]
June report [65kb]
May report [65kb]
April report [65kb]

First quarter analytic results [411kb]
March report [65kb]
February report [65kb]
January report [71 kb]


Fourth quarter analytic results [64 kb]
December report [71 kb]
November report [71 kb]
October report [71 kb]

Third quarter analytic results [389 kb]
September report [65 kb]
August report [65 kb]
July report [384 kb]

Second quarter analytic results [384 kb]
June 2012 [65 kb]
May report [65 kb]
April report [37 kb]

First quarter analytic results [346 kb]
March report [37 kb]
February report [37 kb]
January report [33 kb]


Fourth quarter analytic results [364 kb]
December report [61 kb] 
November report [61 kb] 
October report [61 kb] 

Third quarter analytic results[354 kb]
September report [61 kb]
July report[60 kb]
August report[62 kb]

Second quarter analytic results[272 kb]
June report[33 kb]
May report[61 kb]
April report[33 kb]

First quarter analytic results[250 kb]
March report[66 kb]
February report[66 kb]
January report[33 kb]


Fourth quarter analytic results[43 kb]
December report[33 kb]
November report[33 kb]
October report[33 kb]

Third quarter analytic results[43 kb]
September report[33 kb]
August report[33 kb]
July report[33 kb]

Second quarter analytic results[41 kb]
June report[33 kb]
May report[33 kb]
April report[684 kb]

First quarter analytic results[64 kb]
March report[684 kb]
February report[171 kb]
January report[28 kb]

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