Customer care

In addition to a centralised Call Centre, Mogale City has a number of Customer Care Centres around the regions.

MOGALE CITY’S centralised Call Centre – 0861 664 253 – is the first point of access for all residents and customers in the municipality. There are 12 call centre agents ready to deal with all types of requests or queries.

The municipality also has Customer Care Centres in five towns: Azaadville, Kagiso, Magaliesburg, Munsieville and Rietvallei.

Blue Drop

THE drinking water in Mogale City has received Blue Drop status for the national Department of Water Affairs.

This means that the water in the municipality is considered to be of excellent quality.

The Department of Water Affairs set up the prestigious Blue Drop certification programme to allow consumers to make sound decisions on tap water consumption.

Managing the drinking water quality focuses on the preventative systems put place at municipal level to ensure the sustainable safeness of the water.

The Blue Drop certification programme is only in its second year and is already showing an impact on drinking water quality management.

The criteria used are:

  • Process control and maintenance
  • Monitoring programme
  • Sample analysis
  • Submission of results
  • Drinking quality compliance
  • Water safety plans
  • Asset management
  • Publication of drinking water quality performance

For more information on the Blue Drop Certification, read here.

The Mogale City licensing office is at:
Cnr Carter and Miller streets
Office hours are:
8am to 2.30pm Mondays to Fridays for vehicle registrations
7.30am to 2.30pm Mondays to Fridays for the testing station

WHEN a property owner wishes to sell a property, all municipal service charges have to be settled in advance.

The seller is responsible for making sure that all rates and services have been paid and that the municipal account is up to date before selling the property. This is also the case if a tenant has leased the property.

The Deeds Office will only register the change in ownership once the Clearance Certificate has been received.

The Certificate will then be issued to the firm of attorneys handling the Transfer of the Property.

Contents:   Opening an account | Deposits | Paying accounts | Terminating services | Reclaiming deposits | Death of an account holder



How do I go about querying my municipal account?

Go to any municipal customer centre in person, or phone the Customer Care hotline number, 0861 664 253. Remember to have your account number ready.

Note the name of the person you deal with, and get a reference number, for any follow up enquiries.

What if my complaint is not resolved?

Make sure you have recorded the name of the staff member you dealt with, and ask to speak to that person’s supervisor.

If you are still unhappy with the service, take your complaint to the customer centre manager.

What if I don’t receive an account?

The Mogale City Local Municipality makes every effort to print accurate statements and have them posted in time.

If the due date is near and you have not received a statement, request a copy from the nearest customer centre. The onus is on you to request a duplicate statement.

Remember, if you do not pay your account on time, you will be liable for credit control action.

What will happen if I fail to pay my account?

If an account is not be paid by the due date, credit control measures will apply.

Your water supply may be restricted.

If you use a conventional electricity meter, the supply may be suspended until the arrears and penalty fees have been paid in full, or suitable arrangements have been made to settle the balance.

If you use a prepayment electricity meter, a block will be placed on the vending computers to prevent you from buying more electricity until the arrears have been paid in full, or suitable arrangements have been made to settle the balance.

Legal action will be instituted should these measures fail to recover the arrears.

How can I settle arrears?

Talk to the municipality to make arrangements to pay off any amounts owed. The municipality has a customer friendly Credit Control Policy and will try to help you.

What happens if arrangements are not honoured?

If an arrangement is not honoured, all outstanding amounts plus the current monthly account have to be paid in full before the arrangement can be reinstated.

If the required payments are not made, debt collection action will be instituted, which could involve:

  • Electricity being disconnected;
  • The water supply being restricted, or even disconnected;
  • A block placed on prepayment systems; and
  • Legal proceedings to collect arrears.

What will happen if I am handed over to attorneys for failing to pay my account?

You will need to go to an attorney or debt collector and make arrangements to settle your account.

How do I get a refund of my deposit when I cancel my services and a credit balance remains on the account?

Any balances due will be paid to the transferring attorney in the case of the sale of a property.

In any other case, you will need to apply for a refund from your nearest municipal customer centre.

In most cases, refunds take the form of a credit on outstanding accounts rather than cash payments. Interest is not paid on deposits.

How do I get my free electricity and water?

The free portion of water and electricity will automatically be credited against your monthly account.

You need to collect a prepayment electricity token from the customer centre. However, if you don't collect the token, it will be forfeit for that month.

Will I still receive my free electricity/water if my prepayment meter is blocked?

Yes, depending on your applicable tariff.

What do I do if my service has been cut off because of an overdue account?

Contact the customer centre to find out what is owed as well as the reconnection fee. Pay the outstanding amounts, or make an arrangement to pay. Take the receipt or record of the arrangement to the customer centre to arrange for reconnection.

Why does my electricity or water account have an average and then suddenly drop or rise?

We try to read your meter every month. However, if the meter reader is unable to gain access to your meter an estimated reading will be recorded.

When a proper reading is taken and the estimated figure is found to be different from the actual reading, your account will be adjusted accordingly.

How do I know if there is a water leak on my property?

An easy way of checking whether you have a leak is to close all the taps tightly and then check your meter reading. Wait about 30 minutes and then check the reading again. If it has changed there is a leak on your property.

Who is responsible for a water leak on private property?

All piping from the meter to the private property is the responsibility of the owner or tenant.

If a leak occurs on the property, a registered plumbing contractor should be called to fix it. This should be done immediately as the leak will push up your water consumption.

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Emergencies: 011 010 1500
Municipal number:
011 951 2000
Police: 10111
Call centre: 086 166 4253