18 January 2018
Media statement 

Mogale City approves new organisational structure

The 11th Special Council meeting of Mogale City Local Municipality that was held today approved the new organisational structure for the institution.

In a two-phased approach adopted by the new administration in the city, the top structure which established under the municipal manager a total of nine departments was approved last year. These are Financial services; Economic services; Community development services; Corporate support services; Strategic management services; Utilities management services; Public works, roads and transport management; Integrated environmental management as well as an independent office of the Chief Audit Executive which accentuates ethics in management of the institution.

The lower level structure was subjected to extensive consultation within the institution prior to approval by Council. This organogram presents a focused and efficient service delivery machinery for the myriad programmes meant to change the lives of the people of Mogale City for the better.

The approval of the organogram will be followed by a restructuring of the institution and thus all positions within the new structure with no personnel shall be advertised on a short-to-medium term basis as resources allow to ensure that the municipality is an effective and efficient tool at the hands of the people. The municipality will follow due process and candidates for positions will compete and the best and fit for purpose will assume positions within the institution.

Council also considered and approved the upper limits for councillor remuneration set by the Minister of COGTA, Des van Rooyen. The municipality is still a Grade 5 institution and income stands at R2.1 billion and a population of more than 365 000.

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