13 June 2018 

Power restored in Mogale City

On Tuesday, 12 June 2018, the Swanneville Eskom Substation that feeds Mogale City and Randfontein caught fire and led to power outages in the said areas. The fire was caused by a technical fault at the substation.

The West Rand District fire department was quickly able to extinguish the fire and no injuries reported. Once the flames were extinguished, a team of technicians worked throughout the afternoon and successfully restored power supply to the entire city.

The full extent of the damage is being assessed.

Mogale City Local Municipality would like to thank all residents and stakeholders for their patience and spirit of cooperation during the course of the power outage, whilst at the same time apologising for the inconvenience caused, which was beyond our control.

Issued by:
Mogale City Local Municipality
Department of Utilities Management Services
Call Centre: 086 166 4253