As people, especially job seekers spend more time online, it gets easier for fraudsters to find ways of making quick cash from unsuspecting internet users. Over an extended period, the municipality has been inundated with queries from job seekers relating to non-existent and thus fraudulently advertised municipal vacancies online.

The municipality therefore remains aware that unauthorised individuals are advertising fraudulent tenders, sale of properties, land and RDP houses under the municipality’s brand asking for upfront payments.

Although Corporate Communications has previously launched various communication activities to create increased public awareness of these illegal activities, these scams have now resurfaced and thus continue to tarnish Mogale City’s public image.

Noting the urgency and severity of these scams, an internal team led by the office of the Chief Audit Executive has been set up to look at both internal and external environments with the objective of putting an end to this scourge.

The public is therefore encouraged that if they do come across employment or tender offers that are issued outside the norms of the municipality’s processes or are approached by an individual or agency that attempts to solicit a fee in exchange for employment, a tender or any other suspicious municipal offering, please contact our Corporate Ethics Division on (011) 951 2595 or the office of the Municipal Manager on (011) 668 0712.

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