Mogale City Executive Mayor Patrick Lipudi got more than he bargained for when senior citizens from around the city showered him with prayers and good luck messages at a recent Older Persons Week celebrations held at Maropeng Interpretation Centre where the mayor was scheduled to give a keynote address.

Addressing over 300 senior citizens at the event that was put together by the municipality’s Social Development Division, Councillor Lipudi said older persons must enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Constitution particularly the right to have their dignity respected.

“We are blessed to have senior citizens amongst us as young and older adults. Older people are wells of knowledge, skills and experience and we need to take good care of them,” Councillor Lipudi said.

“We owe older people sincere gratitude for all we have achieved in our lives and all that we will continue to accomplish and that is the reason we are here today – to say thank you,” he concluded.

Speakers from various organisations representing older persons spoke at length about the importance of taking care of the aged.

Social Development Manager Nomvula Mjuza said Older Persons Week celebrations form part of her division’s outreach programme which aims to improve the quality of life of older people and to build a caring society that promotes and protects human rights of people of all ages.  

Member of the Mayoral Committee responsible for Health and Social Development Evodia Cindi was also in attendance.

The celebrations were wrapped up with an underground boat ride at Maropeng Visitor Centre.