Notice is hereby given in terms of sections 20(3) and 24(1) of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 16 of 2013 (‘SPLUMA’), read with section 22 of the ‘Mogale City Local Municipality Spatial Planning and Land Use Management By-Law, 2018’ (‘MCLM SPLUM By-Law, 2018’), that the Mogale City Local Municipality has finalised a single Land use Scheme (‘LUS’) for its area of jurisdiction.

In terms of the mentioned sections a municipality shall adopt and approve, after public consultation, a single LUS for its entire area of jurisdiction within 5 years of SPLUMA coming into operation. 

Such LUS must have as its content the matters listed under section 24(2) of SPLUMA read with section 16 of the MCLM SPLUM By-Law, 2018. Read more

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