30 March 2020

Retail and public call to give care to and prioritize the elderly

On the eve of the looming payment dates for social grants on 30 and 31 March, the Executive Mayor of Mogale City Councillor Francis Makgatho called on the retail sector including supermarkets to prioritize care and service for elderly people on payment days.

This after the Speaker of Mogale City Local Municipality Cllr N. Mangole today convened retail outlets and supermarkets across Mogale City to a meeting with the Executive Mayor to discuss their plans to manage numbers and prioritizing assisting the elderly with ease during the 21 day COVID-19 Lockdown.

Major retail outlets such as President Hyper, Cradlestone Mall, Key West Centre and others have detailed their plans in place for the Social Grants recipients and managing numbers.

All shopping centres and retail outlets categorized as providers of essential services during lockdown have been advised to put measures in place for the expected high number of shoppers and the elderly on payment days. These stores are earnestly requested to prioritize the aged, guarantee their safety whilst minimizing risk of contracting the corona virus as big numbers are serviced on payment days and after. 

All centres and outlets are expected to screen the elderly at their entry points, ensure that there’s queues distance of 1.5 meters apart and provide assistance for the Elderly to easily access their essentials so they can swiftly do their purchases, with ease and the least levels of risk.

In support of efforts to contain the spread of the Corona virus the Executive Mayor calls on our communities to prioritize the needs of the elderly, whilst allowing them adequate time and a safe environment to do their shopping as of from today.

During this trying time of curbing the spread of this deadly virus, we have to do everything for our elderly and most vulnerable who are more severely affected when contracting the virus. Let us all play our part in protecting them.


For further enquiries contact:
Mr. Lucky Sele
Mayoral Spokesperson
079 601 3904