Mogale City Revenue Services has been inundated with enquiries relating to unusually high water and electricity bills received by customers, particularly for the month of June 2020.

In response to the queries Mogale City Revenue Services would like to notify residents that due to national lockdown regulations no meter readings were done in compliance to the COVID-19 protocols.  Readings for the months of April and May were therefore estimated based on each household’s consumption in the previous three months i.e. January, February and March 2020. As a result, some households were undercharged in April and May as these readings were based on previous summer months estimation when consumption is lower, whilst usage increased during winter lockdown as many households were not at work.

Meter readers were only able to resume their duties and take accurate readings when lockdown regulations were eased at Level 3 and this attributed to escalated June readings/municipal bills. To therefore conclude, customers should take note of the following factors:

  • Estimates for April and May 2020 were based on each household’s summer consumption which was lower and resulted in lesser charges than what was actually consumed
  • Most households consumed more electricity during the national lockdown period as they were at home
  • Electricity consumption per households tends to gradually peak during the winter months including a cold April this year, May, June and July due to change in consumption patterns attributed to the cold months. 

Factors listed above consequently contributed to most consumers’ higher than usual June bills.

Consumers that seek further clarity and accurate readings are encouraged to visit Revenue Services offices or send an email to where the queries can be attended to.

We thank you.

Issued by:
Mogale City Revenue Services