To:  Targeted Media
Attention:  Journalists and Editors
Issued:  Wednesday, 14th April 2021
For immediate release 


In the past and over years, Mogale City Public Safety (Traffic) commonly ran Outreach and Public Awareness Campaigns. These have however recently been impacted on by resource constraints as service providers would assist with such programmes in the past.

Through downscaling on such initiatives, stretching our own internal Traffic and pulling together other Municipal resources the Municipality’s Public Safety Division is embarking on one such outreach event planned for this coming weekend.

Scheduled for this coming Saturday, the Municipal Roadblock vehicle will be set up to assist the public of Mogale City with traffic fines and warrants of arrest enquiries related to traffic offences.

This outreach programme not only encourages road users and vehicle owners to keep track of their outstanding fines to avoid future warrants or arrests, but also affords them an opportunity to make representations for discounted fines as the Prosecutor will also be present on the day to assist with such special public appeals.

Our public can also on the day pay for outstanding fines, preferably using cards and are therefore encouraged to visit the team on the day, who are out there purely to assist. As may be a concern, Mogale Public Safety also commits that members of the public should not fear any arrests as this is against the object of the Outreach Programme, which is to provide information and arranged solutions with outstanding traffic offences.

Our team will be out in full force, looking forward to assist with any query or needed information.

Full details of the activity as follows:

Date:               Saturday 17th April 2021

Venue:             Azaadville Clinic (Parking Area)

Time:               11h00 – 16h00


The End