Mogale City Local Municipality is aware that consumers in some parts of the city are experiencing discoloured water flowing from their taps and wishes to assure residents that their tap water is safe to drink.

In a statement released on 16 April 2021, Rand Water explains that the January and February 2021 heavy rains caused the Vaal Dam to fill rapidly and is currently 104.52% full. Although this is good news for Mogale City and Gauteng consumers as well as adjacent provinces, the rapid filling also caused some water treatment challenges such as organic material – mostly from riparian vegetation that has been washed into the dam by the strong-flowing rivers entering the dam. This subsequently gave a yellow/brown colour to the source water which is also visible in drinking water and when a bath or basin is filled with water.

Rand Water, our provincial water supplier acknowledges that the discolouration is displeasing but reassures consumers that these organic compounds are harmless and will have no negative impact on human health which therefore makes drinking water supplied during this time safe for human consumption.

Rand Water has also assured us that it is optimising its treatment process to limit the intensity of colour in the drinking water and continues to perform routine extensive water quality tests to ensure that the quality of drinking water meets strict South African National Standards 241 and World Health Organization standards at all times.

In addition to Mogale City Water Services’ routine water quality tests which we also conducted last week, we can confidently say that tests carried out by Rand Water will suffice and that the city’s water supply is safe for human consumption.

Issued by:
Mogale City Local Municipality
Water Services

Call Centre: 0861 664 253