Mogale City residents, ratepayers and businesses are hereby notified of the partial closure of municipal offices for the festive season break. Offices will be closed from midday on Friday, 24 December 2021 and reopen on Monday, 3 January 2022.

To ensure that the delivery of services continues to be rendered during the holiday period, essential services including financial services, i.e., cashiers, cemeteries, electricity, water, sanitation, refuse collection, public safety and roads management will continue to operate at reduced capacity between 7h30 and 16h00 except on public holidays. However, normal standby and emergency services will still be rendered during this period.

Customers are reminded that payment of municipal services, prepaid electricity and water purchases can also be done at and through the following outlets and platforms:

  • Post Office
  • Pick n Pay
  • Shoprite
  • Checkers
  • Woolworths
  • Spar
  • Usave
  • President Hyper
  • EFT payments from all banks 
  • Deposits can only be done at Standard Bank usuing the municipality’s name and company identification number (Mogale City Local Municipality, 096N)

Please note that when making an EFT transfer through any bank, please ensure that you select the option to pay “A Public Recipient” or search the bank’s list of public recipients then select “Mogale Municipality – Sundry Revenue” or “Mogale City Local Municipality”. Remember to use your 15-digit account number as reference when making an electronic payment through any bank to allow us to identify and allocate your payment. If your account number has less than 15 digits, add zeros in front of your account number to make it 15 digits – for example 000000000123456. Scrutinise your account number to ensure that you are billed correctly and that your payments are correctly allocated.

To purchase water, electricity or pay your municipal account, visit or download the EasyPay app on your mobile phone.

Refuse collection

Refuse removal will continue as per normal collection schedule and will not be affected by the recess.


Electricity related service requests can be reported via WhatsApp on 078 645 6055 or 060 568 1813.


Water related service requests can be reported via WhatsApp on 079 945 3107.


Biodiversity Management offices including cemeteries will only close on 25 December 2021 and 1 January 2022. For any emergencies, burial bookings and cemeteries related problems, please contact the below numbers:

Area of responsibility 

Employee name 

Contact numbers 

Cemeteries Management 

Cindy Ramalatswa 

081 308 9465 

(010) 822 8029 

Stephan du Toit 

083 306 3441 

Disaster Risk Management 

Stephan du Toit 

083 306 3441 

Parks Management / Trees Maintenance 

Ishmael Valashiya 

079 110 3398 

Patricia Tshitema 

081 709 5576 

Game Reserve / Environmental Protection 

Stephan du Toit             

083 306 3441 

We wish all residents, businesses and their families a safe and blessed festive holiday season.