Mogale City’s Water Services wishes to caution consumers that loadshedding may impact water supply in some parts of the city. In the event of prolonged loadshedding, our water storage reservoirs get depleted quickly as no water is being pumped into the system due the absence of energy supply to the water pumps – meaning we are unable to pump water back to the required levels when power is restored. Two of our bulk water suppliers, namely Johannesburg and Rand Water are also experiencing similar challenges when where prolonged loadshedding and water supply to Mogale City are concerned.

We therefore appeal to residents and businesses to use water sparingly during this difficult time, restrict consumption for household use during loadshedding to ensure that we can keep our taps running for longer.

You can help ease water demand by:

  • Taking short showers instead of baths
  • Using a bucket to wash cars, not hosepipe
  • Re-use water as much as possible
  • Immediately fix water leaks and report burst pipes to the municipality
  • Minimise water evaporation e.g., covering swimming pools when not in use

Mogale City remains committed to providing sustainable and reliable water supply to all its consumers but requires your assistance and support.