Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM) through its Credit Control and the Utilities Management Services (UMS) has embarked on a ‘Mogale ya tima’ (Mogale switches off) campaign which targets all residents/households and businesses that have bypassed or illegally connected their water and electrical meters.

Connections to the main supply by-passing the electrical or water meter constitutes creation of an unauthorised connection and fraudulent use of electricity or water.  It is therefore critically important for water and electricity theft in the city to be regarded in a serious light, and that those involved should expect to be cut off supply and penalised.

However, as a caring municipality we encourage members of the public who suspect or know of any tempering with meters to report such actions, while also calling those who have tempered with the unauthorised connections to come forward and they will not be penalized.

Our WhatsApp reporting number is 0837872814 or contact our call centre on 0861664253 or email: