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In collaboration with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), Mogale City assists members of the community with the registration of private companies (PTY) and cooperatives (Co-ops).

Register a private company (1 to 50 members)


  • South African citizen
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Certified ID copies for members
  • 4 proposed names for the business
  • Contact details that include email address, contact number and physical address
  • A registration fee of R175 is payable to CIPC

Please note that this application can only be done electronic

State of the City Address by the Honourable Executive Mayor of Mogale City Local Municipality, Cllr Naga Patrick Lipudi..

Register a cooperative (minimum of 5 members)

A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise.


  • Certified ID copies of members
  • 6 proposed name for the cooperative
  • A fee of R265 is payable to CIPC

To register a private company or cooperative, please visit Enterprise and Rural Development Division offices to fill in an application form.


Trading infrastructure


  • Must be a South African citizen residing in Mogale City
  • Business must operate at least 4 days a week
  • Business must comply with Mogale City Local Municipality’s By laws
  • Based on the nature of the business, a business license, health certificate etc. will be required

Farmer Mechanisation Programme

The Farmer Mechanisation Programme offers support to local farmers through the provision of farming equipment such as tractors with dedicated drivers, agricultural implements and other minor farming needs. Please contact Enterprise and Rural Development for enquiries.

Non-financial support


  • Business advise
  • Coaching
  • Referrals
  • Networking sessions


The municipality may require you to obtain a license depending on your business type and business activity to ensure that all businesses operating in Mogale City comply with legislation.

Sale or supply of prepared food

Restaurant, take-away, butchery, baker, fishmonger or fish fryer, food manufacture, fruit, vegetables, milk shop, miller and perishable goods.


  • ID copy
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Application fee of R130 payable at Mogale City Revenue Offices (Corner Market and Commissioner Streets, Krugersdorp)
  • License fee R780.90

Hawkers (perishables and food vending only)


  • ID Copy
  • License disc for the caravan
  • Map/rough sketch indicating the intended place of operation
  • Application fee R78.20 once off
  • License fee R246.10
  • Monthly fee R116.20

Business Licenses can be issued subject to complying with requirements from the following Mogale City departments: Development and Planning, Building Management, Fire Risk Management and Environmental Health.

Health, wellness and entertainment

Business activity License fee
A. Providing Turkish Baths, Saunas or other health baths R780.90
B. Providing massage or infra – red treatment R3906.60
C. Making the services of an escort, whether male or female, available to any other person R3906.60
D. Keeping three or more mechanical, electrical or electronic contrivances, instruments, apparatus or devices which are designed or used for the purpose of recreation or amusement R780.90
E. Keeping three or more snooker or billiard tables R780.90
F. Keeping or conducting a night club or discotheque R3906.60
G. Keeping or conducting a cinema or theatre R780.90
H. Adult premises R780.90



  • ID copy
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Application fee of R130 payable at Mogale City Revenue Offices (Corner Market and Commissioner Streets, Krugersdorp)


Tel: 011 668 0609 or 011 668 0611

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